The Most Common Interview Questions and How To Answer Them!

Having worked in HR for many years I have interviewed more people than I can remember! Regardless of the job role there are some common interview questions that interviewers frequently ask. My aim here therefore is to look at what you should consider when you are asked one or more of the 3 most common interview questions. As an interviewer I am looking for people that stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that they have got the ability to do the job. As I mentioned there are a variety of questions that you will be asked when you apply for a job.

Knowing how to best sell yourself when you are asked some of the Most Common Interview Questions will help to determine if you will get the job or if it will go to someone else.

How To Answer The Most Common Interview Questions:

So let’s take a look at three of the most common interview questions that you are likely to encounter in just about any interview you go for! Knowing how to go about answering these questions is certainly going to put you in a better position than a lot of the people I have interviewed.

Why Should We Employ You?

This has to be one of the most common interview questions that you will get asked during a job interview.

I have found that lots of people approach answering this question by talking about how hard working they are and how quickly they are able to learn new things. Obviously these are great attributes to have for any job but imagine how many times I have heard that sort of response! I mean how many people are going to tell you how lazy they are and how slow they are to pick up new skills! Not that I am suggesting that would be a good answer. However, the answer I have heard from dozens of people isn’t going to help you stand out from the crowd.

When you are asked this question it’s a great opportunity to sell yourself and to sell how you can help the company grow and develop. It’s an opportunity to talk about any training you may have received that can help the company with current business challenges. Notice an assumption there? That you will have done your research and know what the challenges are in the company’s business environment? Because you will have done that won’t you?

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

To say that some people find this common interview question a bit tricky would be an understatement. Some people take it as an opportunity to be highly critical of their last employer which is not the suggested approach.difficult-interview-questions

If there are negative reasons for you leaving your last employer then you can talk about it without having to be overly critical.

The interviewer will be expecting that there may be some criticism of a previous employer, however you should try to add as much positive into your answer as you can as well.

Being positive about your previous employer and your work with them is going to make you look that much better, even if you did leave because you had outgrown them!

How Much Salary Are You Looking For?

This can be another of those difficult to answer question. Especially in difficult economic times people will sometimes pitch what they are looking for, in terms of salary, at less money than they should.

Try to avoid giving a specific amount and look instead to talk about what you believe you are worth to the company. Emphasize that if you and the company agree the value of your possible contribution the company then salary should not be a hurdle. You should do your best not to commit to a specific salary figure at this point.

If you are pressured into giving a specific amount, then you should simply respond with a range that you would find to be acceptable.

Before you arrive for the interview you need to have done your best to research the position you are applying for. This should include the expected pay scale, any bonus schemes, flexible benefits and other payments. If you have this information available then it will put you in a more confident position.

These are not the only questions that you are going to get asked at interview. However, they are certainly among the most common interview questions that you should have thought about before you arrive for the interview.